Why Choose Inksurance

About Inksurance

An Independent Specialist You Can Rely On

You are the experts when it comes to tattoos and body art, we are the experts when it comes to insurance. There are many varied tattoo designs to suit all kinds of customers and it’s no different in insurance, standard liability isn’t right for every artist.

We are proud of the bespoke service we offer and whilst we understand you need to get your covers in place quickly, we take the time to understand you and your business. Our customers value our expertise and know they have the right cover in place for all the treatments they undertake.

Our advice is available on our website, over the phone and in person if your business is particularly complex and needs reviewing. We hope you will take the time to have a read of our articles and find them useful and informative. Our aim is to assist with explaining why you need the insurance you do and outline exactly what you are protected for.

Available Online, On the Phone or In Person

At Inksurance we are passionate about you the customer and love to get out and meet you. Our MD Carl Tero attends a good number of tattoo conventions and supports blogs and articles for some of the tattoo trade press. We are always here to offer you support and advice. We also appreciate that the hours you keep aren’t always 9-5 so we have flexible trading hours and can be reached out of hours and on weekends! If that isn’t enough you can instantly message us on Facebook, Messenger and Twitter.

If what you are doing is slightly unique or different, we can also come and visit you in a bid to be able to understand your business better, which can often lead to insurers offering improved rates based upon our observations.

With over 15 years of experience in dealing with tattoo artists, body piercers and laser tattoo removal, we are trained to offer you the tailored advice you need. We don’t and will never operate from call scripts and ask the same questions of all our customers.

If you want a personalised service that offers cover tailored to your business needs, then you have found the right insurance broker to speak to.