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Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions when it comes to the provision of tattoo insurance policies. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or click here and submit your question online and we will answer within 24 hours.

What is the link between Inksurance Ltd and Movo Insurance Brokers?2019-11-25T16:36:04+00:00

Inksurance Ltd was set up by Carl Tero. Carl has over 15 years experience in the tattoo insurance space working for a general insurance broker. Carl wanted to set up an exclusive facility which was 100% geared to the tattoo and beauty industry. Carl has put together his own Tattoo and piercing scheme.

This scheme gives us access to bespoke insurance cover for the Tattoo and Piercing industry as well as extremely competitive rates. We now have a dedicated team that look after these enquiries within the business.

What types of tattoo and piercing risks are you able to cover?2019-11-25T16:42:07+00:00

We aim to be able to cover most types of risks, from self-employed artists to Studio and business owners. If you are unsure as to whether we can cover your business or client, give us a call and we will be able to assist you.

How long will it take to get a quotation?2019-09-02T09:22:02+01:00

If you call us for a quotation, we can usually come back to you the same day. Just call 07851 218530.

You could alternatively use our online quotation facility – simply fill in the required details and we will call you back at a time that suits you.

What information will I need to give you?2019-09-02T09:22:35+01:00

Try to have your existing insurance schedule and renewal notice available as this will give us the majority of the information we will need.

However, if you are a new business, don’t worry – our experienced business insurance team will be able to guide you through the quotation.

How long is my quote from Inksurance valid for?2019-09-02T09:23:00+01:00

Inksurance quotes will be valid for 30 days.

What happens after I complete the online quotation form?2019-09-02T09:23:28+01:00

Once the online quotation form is complete it is forwarded to our experienced insurance team who will then give you a call to confirm your details and then set about the task of finding you the best quote.  It will be necessary to ask you some specific questions – this enables us to go and find you the best and most appropriate cover at the best possible price.

What are endorsements?2019-09-02T09:23:56+01:00

Endorsements are added to your policy when insurers need to make amendments to the standard policy cover. They are used to either increase or decrease the cover under the policy or may outline conditions you must to comply with.

Can you offer quotes for Public Liability cover only?2019-09-02T09:24:18+01:00

Yes, we can offer Public Liability only cover.

What are your minimum premiums?2019-09-02T09:24:39+01:00

We do not operate on minimum premiums. Our aim is to provide our customers with a level of service that cannot be beaten, but also to ensure they are Insured correctly. Your premium will always reflect your individual circumstances.

Do you issue Public Liability and Employers Liability certificates?2019-09-02T09:25:07+01:00

Yes, in addition to receiving a Policy Schedule and Policy Wording, you will also be issued you with a Certificate of Employers Liability and a Certificate of Public & Products Liability.

How quickly can we expect to receive the policy documentation?2019-09-02T09:25:31+01:00

We aim to issue policy documents to you via email on the same day but at the very least, within 4 days from inception.   If you have a specific request, please do let us know. You will also receive an email confirming that cover has been confirmed immediately by email, unless specified.

How quickly can I expect to receive a quote?2019-09-02T09:26:21+01:00

Our aim is to be able to provide you with quotes within 1 hour, provided that we have all the relevant information. However, if we do need to discuss your quote with you, we will contact you as soon as possible.

If I rent out space in my studio, do I have to include them on my employer’s liability insurance?2019-09-02T09:26:51+01:00

You must provide employers’ liability cover for the total number of subcontractors for whom you are responsible, on site or working at your premises at any one time.

We notice that you also offer quotes direct and to brokers, which is the cheapest?2019-09-02T09:27:17+01:00

Inksurance prices will remain the same.  It does not depend on whether they are offered directly to a customer or to a broker.

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