Doctor covered in tattoos wants to change stereotypes in the medical profession

Former Miss Inked Australia is a postitve role model within the tattoo community

Dr Sarah Gray is on a misson to “spread the word for tattoo acceptance”.

The model and medical professional, who works as an intern at a hospital in Adelaide, is challenging the idea that tattoos affect a person’s ability to do any job.

The 31-year-old wants to break down the preconceptions surrounding what a doctor traditionally should look like.

Sarah got her first tattoo at 16 and describes herself as an “art collector.”

Speaking to Sunrise, an Australian news show, she said: “I find it’s a good talking point, especially a lot of the younger generation of patients that we see, I guess it’s a bit of a barrier break-down between what it is traditionally thought a doctor would look like.

“If you’re confident and competent at your job it shouldn’t really matter what you look like.

“I’m just trying to advocate for being your own person and still being able to work in the medical profession.”

Sarah has 62.4k followers on Instagram and describes herself online as a “Decorated Doctor”.

She regularly posts about her tattoos to her followers.

Sharing a news article about doctors and body art recently, Sarah wrote: “I LOVE seeing these types of articles because if you’re a good person & hard worker it shouldn’t matter if you’re colourful or not, it doesn’t make you less competent at your job.”

Sarah, who wants to be an orthopaedic surgeon, often ask her followers for advice.

Sharing a picture of herself in her work clothes in May, she asked: “I’ve got a meeting next week with the surgical training director before I apply for my surgical position in less than a month.

How exciting & scary! “Help me out Instafam, should I wear a safe black power suit, or mix it up with full colour?!”


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